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School Council

Child working

Year 6 Council
From left to right; Secretary, Head of Academy Council, Assistant Head and Treasurer.


Academy Council


Our Academy Council exists to represent the views of the children in the Academy and empowers all children to have a voice. Each class from Year 1 through to Year 5 have two class representatives, who are elected by their classmates. The Year 6 Council Leaders are appointed their role by the teaching team; Head of Council, Assistant Head, Secretary and Treasurer.

You can recognise our council representatives by the badges they wear with pride. Children can make suggestions for how to improve the Academy or put forward an idea for fundraising by completing a ‘Sharing is Caring’ slip and posting it in the red post box in their classroom. 

The Council meet every three weeks to discuss a range of topics to do with children’s concerns, views and ideas. The representatives feedback to their class and inform them of decisions that have been voted on. Recently we chose our 2017-2018 charity – Barnardo’s. Throughout the academic year we will raise money for this charity through various fundraising events such as end of term non-uniform days.

At the beginning of November 2017 we collected food items which were then donated to the Milton Keynes Food Bank in time for the Christmas period.

Check back regularly to see what’s going on in TPA and for fundraising updates.